Guide When Choosing the Right Massage Chair

There are several benefits attached to massage chairs. The most notable involve back pain alleviation, improved blood circulation, posture correction and stress reliever. Massage chairs are also a significant investment, meaning it would be great to find out what works best for your situation. If you are not careful, you might end up purchasing another sitting chair rather than a massage chair. The main questions to be asked about massage chairs focus on their: price range, features, warranty and place to give it a try.

The price range

Massage chairs range slightly from $400 to $8000. The prices vary on the warranties offered, special features, and quality. A massage chair can be likened to investment, and it can last for many years. The price tag behind a massage chair can be justified as they offer convenience without having to get out the comfort of their home. If you are a massage regular, you might end up saving millions of dollars.

Technology greatly improves the functions offered on a massage chair. This grows the functions offered by the chairs. Look for the massage chairs that offer functions and features used. Check for more info.


reasingBefore buying a massage chair ensure you have information on its warranty. It should provide information on the duration of your warranty and what is covered within. A warranty will include both parts and labor. Long warranties are not always good. For instance, a 10-year warranty might only cover your structural frame during which problems experienced will have nothing to do with that. In such a warranty deal, parts and labor will cost you.

The chair brand

When determining the chair brand, pay keen attention to reviews, third-party opinions, blog posts and other forums. Find out what people are saying about the massage chairs. What problems are currently being experienced are areas to note. Briefly, research on reputable brands in the chair industry and if their warranties can be enforced locally.

Authorized dealerships

Always buy a massage chair from an authorized dealership. Lookout for the phony models retailed in the market at unbelievable prices. It would be unfortunate if you make a rash decision and buy a chair at a small discount yet end up with problems throughout its useful life.

Features to look at

There are many features present in massage chairs that will help you pick one that is best suited.

Focus – different chairs serve varied objectives so decide on what suits you best.

Intensity – Just how strong or thorough do you prefer your massage? A strong massage hurts a lot and cannot be considered as the best therapeutic alternative. New models have unique features such as 3D Rollers that assist their users in adjusting the intensity and control of the rollers extending on the massage chair.

Length of the roller – How intense your massage turns out will rely a great deal on the chair length. Most chairs have a tailbone, while others have longer roller lengths that reach your glutes.

Airbags – An airbag massage mimics the technique used by a therapist when relieving muscular tension. The air bags provide the tapping sensation during the inflation and deflation.…

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