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A Study of Tea and Anti-Oxidants

A Study of Tea and Anti-Oxidants

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Tea Contains the MOST POWERFUL Anti-oxidants Known to Mankind.

When tea was first discovered, it was considered a medicine. It was subsequently used as a food (ground to powder), and eventually became a beverage.

It is a well documented fact that the root cause of several chronic diseases is excessive formation of oxidant articles in the body. They develop as a consequence of lifestyle-environmental exposure, stress etc – and my result in cancer, heart attacks, or arthritis. The body needs a regular supply of chemicals which can counteract the debilitating effect of these oxidant articles. These required chemicals are called “Antioxidants”, and ”Tea contains the most powerful antioxidants known to mankind, which can be found in any food consumed” States Dr Hasaan Muhktar, professor and director of research in the Dept of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland Ohio.

Both black Tea (which is fermented) and Green Tea (Not fermented) are beneficial. There are also case studies showing that Green Tea helps fight cancer.

And how much tea do you need to enjoy the benefits? Dr Muhktar suggest 4-5 cups a day are sufficient - although any amount regardless of how small, does'nt hurt. "Tea is the only food product we know of that is not associated with any toxic or adverse affects"

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