Contact Information

British American Imports 2665 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Tel 415-346-1660

FAX 415-346-1667

E. Mail

Hours of Operation

We are based in San Francisco so times are Pacific Standard time. Please feel free to call at any time and leave a message. We will call you back as soon possible. Please note that if you call 415-346-1660 and leave a message, the answering machine will only record your message for 60 seconds. However if you want to leave a longer message press the star key, and then the numeral 1 key to leave as long a message as you want.

Security & Privacy

Our website was built using the Yahoo Platform. The security is the very best that money can buy. You can therefore feel absolutely secure in placing an order through our website. Your privacy is also very important to us. We do not sell or rent any mailing lists or other details pertaining to our customers, and none of your personal information is given to 3rd parties. From time to time we will email customers with special offers or details about holiday merchandise or special offers. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please advise.

Ordering Information

You can order through the website or if you do not feel comfortable in doing that, we are happy to take orders over the telephone. Should you not be able to get a live person, please leave a message on the answering machine with your name, telephone number, and the date and time you called. We will call you back as soon as possible.

"NEW" Snap Shop - What is that? (Should be available mid Feb 2008 depending on programming)

Snap Shop is a function which enables you to open up multiple icons on any section page (A section page is the page you get to once you open a category e.g. British Groceries - section pages are the ones labeled Beverages, Biscuits etc) Once a section page is open you can open mutiple images on that page by moving the mouse over the image icon. You then can select what you want to buy and go right to checkout to make the purchase. The advantage is that you can see at a glance exactly what you want without having to click on the item make the purchases and then go back to the section page to make another selection. Saves time and makes selecting products easier.

Damaged/ Missing Items

Each order we send out has a packing slip inside to show what we shipped to you. If an item is missing or damaged, please email us or call toll free to report the problem. We will then either replace the item or credit your account. In some cases we may ask for the item to be returned and will mail you a UPS return label. Pack up the product in the box that it came in and put the return label on the outside. Give the package to the UPS driver. There is no shipping charge to you for items returned in this manner.

I have decided that I donít want that item

I you decide that you donít want an items that you have received, please call or email first to get permission to return it. Once the product is received by us, you will be credited for the price of the item only Ė shipping charges are not refundable. Opened packages of food products cannot be returned. We will only accept returned items if we are notified within 15 days from the time that you received the package.

Sales Tax

Food products are not taxable. All other products shipped to addresses within the state of California only are charged the prevailing sales tax rate.

Shipping Perishable Food Item during Hot Weather.

From March to October the weather is HOT. Chocolate products (this includes biscuits coated in plain or milk chocolate), other candies and creams melt easily if exposed to heat during this time of year. Therefore be CAREFUL in ordering these items during the summer season. We insulate the packages as much as possible & ship via Priority mail only. However once a package leaves our warehouse, we have no control as to how much it will be exposed to the heat. We will therefore not take responsibility for perishable products that may spoil due to excessive exposure to hot weather. You order at your own risk.

Shipping Rules

Make sure the shipping addresses you give us are accurate. Freight companies charge a penalty if they have to re-deliver a package due to an incorrect address. We pass that penalty on to you. Please note that UPS cannot deliver packages to a PO Box-only the Post Office can do that.

Inaccuracy Disclaimer

There may be information on our website that is inaccurate or out of date due to errors or omissions. We reserve the right to correct errors, omissions, and inaccuracies at any time without prior notification. This will include after you may have place an order.